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Guaranteed Success

CollisonDeih Tutors have been one of the most successful specialist Maths Tutors in the local area and beyond for over a decade. We have managed to help our students excel and learn to love a subject that they once found burdening.

Take advantage of our expertise, especially our small group lessons with our senior teachers. Get in touch today and allow us to help you excel.

Interested Student
Math Formulas

Our small group online-learning sessions are value for money and do cater for learners who are looking for added exams practice opportunities, as part of a small group. These sessions are run only by our senior tutors, who are expert examiners too.
With their experience and skills , all learners make rapid and sustained progress in Maths.



Our specialised test  prep sessions with an experienced learning instructor help to get our learners exam-ready in the shortest possible time. We know how to get our students to excel through personalised attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work.

We make learning Maths fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but effective teaching is more of an art that only a few can master.

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